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Nepali TV Channels

It has been 30 years since television was first introduced into the Nepali community in 2042 BS. Since then, a lot of changes have taken place. As a result, the television industry in Nepal has made many strides and is now a thriving industry with over 32 Nepali channels broadcasting in Nepal and worldwide. Today, we take a brief look into this vibrant industry; it’s past, present and future:

History of Nepali TV Channels

Television was first introduced into Nepal in 2042 BS through the state owned channel, Nepal Television. The channel was first introduced as a test in 1983 AD and finally started regular screening from January of 1984. For nearly 2 decades, Nepal Television was the only Nepali channel broadcasted on TV in Nepal and it reigned in solitude on the TV sets on Nepali citizens everywhere. It mainly broadcasted in Nepali language, though it broadcasted in Maithili, Newari and English too.

It was only in 2003 that this monopoly by Nepal Television (also known as NTV) was broken. In the year 2003, 3 new channels started broadcasting into the homes of Nepali people – Kantipur Television, Image Channel and NTV Plus (a program division of Nepal Television). These channels also reigned supreme for a few years.

In late 2000s, Nepali television channels really gained momentum. Channels started mushrooming in the years that follows and as a result, we now have 26 Nepali channels broadcasting within the borders of Nepal.

Outside of Nepal, the first Nepali channel to be broadcasted was the Sagarmatha channel, which started broadcasting in 1997 in the United States of America. It was followed by Channel Nepal (originating from Hongkong) in 2001 and Nepal 1 channel (originating from India) in 2004. As of now, there are 8 Nepali TV channels outside of Nepal

Present Context of Nepali TV Channels

This is a great time of Nepali television as this industry has blossomed beautifully in the last 10 years or so. 22 out of 26 Nepali TV channels in Nepal were established in the last 10 years. And of the 4 that are more than 10 years old, 3 were established 13 years ago. Hence, while the early advancement of Nepali TV was slow, it has gained rapid momentum in the last decade or so with many more channels and many more ideas playing out on the small screen and into the homes of Nepali viewers.

But while, the Nepali TV industry has advanced in numbers, there is yet to be much of a qualitative advancement in the industry. Many of the channels follow similar format with little originality. Many of the news programs and even TV shows seem to derive many of their ideas from the Indian media. And while taking inspiration is good, Nepali viewers would certainly like to see more new and original concepts on their Television sets.

While advancements are being made in the television industry in Nepal, the quality of the material seems to be growing very slowly (yet steadily). Instead of creating more channels, there needs to be a push for better channels and better content on these channels.

Future of Nepali TV Channels

Despite all the problems in the Nepali TV industry, there is hope as well. New, young professionals in this field are bringing forth their own new, exciting ideas and turning it into a reality. Chance is steadily being perceived. Nepali Television in another 10 years will certainly be a sight to behold!!

Nepali television, being a powerful media outlet, certainly has a major responsibility towards the society. It has an obligation to inform and truthfully portray facts, whether they be news or other informational content, entertain the masses and promote the well being of Nepal and Nepali people, without any ulterior motive or bias against any particular group.

Television plays an important role in directing and influencing the public opinion and it must use this great power responsibly. It is important that the TV channels, as well as the government and we, the people, ensure that Nepali Television channels don’t abuse this power and instead use it for the common good of Nepal and Nepalese everywhere. The proper use of media outlets such as television can be a powerful tool in the development of a struggling nation like Nepal.

List of Nepali TV Channels inside Nepal

At the moment, there are 26 Nepali TV channels broadcasted within Nepal. Most of these channels have been established only in the last few years. Here is a complete list of Nepali TV channels inside of Nepal:

Name Established Date
Nepal Television 1983
NTV Plus 2003
Kantipur Television 2003
Image Channel 2003
Avenues TV 2007
Sagarmatha TV 2007
ABC TV 2008
News 24 2010
Himalaya TV 2010
TV Filmy 2010
Terai TV 2010
Makalu TV 2010
Himshikhar TV 2011
E-24 TV 2012
Araniko TV 2013
Avass TV 2013
TV Trishuli 2013
Dhaulagiri TV 2013
NTV News 2014
Arena TV 2014
Kaligandaki TV 2014
Kantipur Gold 2015
TV Today 2015
Appan TV 2015
Mountain TV 2010
Bhakti Darsan 2012
Business Plus 2016
Gandaki TV

List of Nepali TV Channels outside Nepal

Currently, there are 8 Nepali TV channels broadcasted from outside of Nepal. Of these, 3 are broadcasted from the United States of America, two from Hongkong and the remaining three from India, United Kingdom and Australia. Here is the full list of Nepali channels outside of Nepal.

Name Origin Country Established Date
Sagarmatha Television USA 1997
Channel Nepal Hong Kong 2001
Nepal 1 Nepal Television India 2004
Nepali TV UK 2005
White Himal TV New York (USA) 2011
America Nepal Television Virginia (USA) 2012
Global Nepal Television Hong Kong 2014
My Nepal TV (MNTV) Sydney Australia

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