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Avenues Television Live Online

An overview before watching Avenues Television live online.

Avenues Television is one of Nepal’s private news and entertainment TV station that broadcasts live from Kathmandu. The television was launched in the 1st week of July 2007 and started its test transmission from the 3rd week of September of the same year. Avenues Television broadcasts News and current affairs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The channel broadcasts in Nepal and also has receiver in other 56 countries around the world. The television station is owned by Bhaskar Raj Rajkaranikar.

Avenues Television is also known for delivering news in a new informal way to dig out the issues within the country and abroad. This channel has always given priority to the voice of the voiceless and vulnerable. It has also been awarded many times for running social campaigns for uplifting the marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Nepal. The channel has not only gathered information about the prevalent problems, but also has made effort in solving them at a local and national level.

Avenues TV has a different way of presenting the current situation. One program called “Hamilai Bhannu Chha” is based on raising the public voice. In this program, public opinions and suggestions are asked and the people are encouraged to talk about their inconveniences and complain, so that they can be heard. Avenues television has been a trend setter in presenting news through new and innovative ways. Besides the regular schedule, the channel also focuses on live coverage and delivery of the news as soon as possible. It also works closely with the public. Live coverage of spot discussion and public opinion on current happenings has been a trend of Avenues Television.

The channel has given the highest priority to delivering the most reliable information in the shortest time possible. Therefore, checking and cross checking are considered the crucial steps before objectively presenting any information.

Official website: Avenues.tv

Is Avenues TV channel available online to watch?

Unfortunately, the provision to watch Avenues TV live online is not available. The live streaming facility is not found on its website. But that does not put limitation. Avenues TV has an application for Android smartphones through which the channel can be watched live for free. The users of this app named “AvenuesTV” have reviewed concluding that most of them loved and appreciated for making the live TV streaming accessible.

If watching Avenues Television on your mobile phone is not an option, you can watch Kantipur Television live online.

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