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Kantipur Gold TV Live Online

A general summary before watching Kantipur Gold live online.

Kantipur Gold Television is the sister channel of Kantipur Television. It is a privately run Nepalese TV channel that is owned by Kantipur Television Network Pvt. Ltd. It’s headquarter is in Subidhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal. The TV channel was launched in February 19, 2015 with a slogan “Always with you”. The chairman and managing director of Kantipur Media Group, Kailash Sirohia told the media about starting the channel that during a decade long experience in television broadcasting, they felt the need of a lifestyle related TV channel.

Kantipur Gold focuses mainly on sports, entertainment and lifestyle of young and adult populations in and out of the country. The channel broadcasts national as well as international sports and entertainment related events and activities in order to promote and develop sports in Nepal. The channel also broadcasts currents issues of the country. CMD Sirohia believes that the new TV channel will soon reach a new height and will become a good partner in sports and entertainment sector.

Is Kantipur Gold TV available online to watch?

The short answer is NO. It seems less priority is given for letting viewers to watch Kantipur Gold TV live online. It was possible to watch in earlier days at eKantipur’s Android application. But that has been removed. Now, the only option left for us is to watch its parent channel live online.

Kantipur TV Live – Watch Online

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