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NTV Plus Live Online

An overview before watching NTV Plus live online.

NTV Plus or Nepal Television 2 is one of the two sister channels of the government owned channel Nepal Television. NTV Plus was started with an intention to target the young and productive population of the country. It was basically initiated to present entertaining, informative and sports related programs to Nepal’s youngsters. Nearly 70 percent of the programs broadcasted in NTV Plus are focused on entertainment, whereas the remaining 30 percent programs are sports based and others. Due to the channel’s sheer professionalism and ‘different than other’ programs, the channel achieved a significant success in a short period. Despite the regular programs, NTV Plus also broadcasts world class programs like World Cup Football and Olympic Games as well as other national and international level sports events, which has further helped in getting youth attention towards the channel.

NTV Plus was launched in the year 2003 (2060 B.S.). It is a government owned channel and has it’s headquarter in Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently it broadcasts its programs in Nepal and abroad through satellite and terrestrial means. The programs are broadcasted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. NTV Plus has also been presenting live musical programs on a daily basis, due to which a huge number of young music lovers are attracted to it. NTV Plus has been made easily accessible as it can also be viewed online across the world.

Taking the diverse culture of the country into account, NTV Plus broadcasts programs in 4 languages. Nepali is the primary language of the channel, whereas Maithili and Newari are secondary and regional languages respectively. The international viewers are not disappointed either, as some programs are also broadcasted in English. Currently, 40% of the Nepalese and 27% of territorial area have an easy access to NTV Plus and the channel aims in expanding its availability by establishing additional terrestrial centers in the days to come.

Official website: www.ntv.org.np

Does NTV Plus streams online?

Watching NTV Plus live online is not available. It is very sad to hear that. Only webpage exist in its official website. The streaming does not exist.

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